Legend Properties: A celebration of life

At Legend, we believe that homes and neighbourhoods are special places where you nurture a family, build lasting relationships, create memories and celebrate all that life brings. They create an environment that is comforting, secure and inspiring. That is why, the place, where you live is more than just brick and mortar to us.

Legend properties are created as holistic spaces replete with all the essentials that enrich life – from basic functionality to thoughtful value additions. Our residential and commercial spaces reflect the best in aesthetics and functionality with sufficient opportunity for customization. These spaces are designed with maximum ventilation enabling ample natural light and indicate optimum utilization of space. We believe these are factors that impact the happiness quotient of people inhabiting a space. Innovative value additions require us to go beyond the ordinary, even if it means furnishing a residential complex with a home theatre room or private guestrooms. Legend properties aim to be spaces that are the last word in convenience and functionality, while maintaining their aesthetic value.

Our aim is to build quality spaces that meet the expectations we have established with our customers and our goal is satisfied customers who recommend us without reservation. We believe in establishing and maintaining relationships with our customers by being accessible and going the extra mile in providing post-sale services; be it by repainting external facades or organizing yearly get-togethers. Every satisfied customer reinstates our conviction in building properties that are a celebration of life.